First Wedding Gig – Finished

Way back in October, I was writing about how I covered my first wedding with E Leal Productions. I think I made a post about meeting the couple, filming the wedding and editing the footage. Now this post will be about finally being finished with it.

The edit was officially finished a couple of weeks ago. The DVD is being authored, but hasn’t been put in their hands yet. We did upload everything to a private server with them so they could at least see it. Although the last time we checked, they hadn’t logged in.

We did a lot of things right through this wedding, but we did a lot of things that could have been better or more thought out. It was a good learning experience in that regard. The edit looks really fantastic. I think they’re going to really love their wedding video. The things that we could have done better has more to do with our process of getting there.

To start off, we used way too many cameras, and for future weddings, we probably don’t need to stay as long as we did. We had over 9 hours of footage on 4 cameras, with additional footage on some back up cameras. It was literally almost a terabyte of shots to choose from, and that was really taxing on our editor. I understand why we used so many camera operators though. We were worried that we were going to miss something. It was our first time. Now we know it can be accomplished with a lot less.

In terms of the edit, it’s definitely worth it to be patient and go through the footage first. It’s worth it to take the time labeling footage (or tagging it in a program like prelude depending on your workflow). This will save so much time when it comes to finding exactly what you’re looking for, especially with a monstrous load of footage.

Other than that, it’s really about being confident with your camera. You have to know what to film, and sometimes you have to be assertive to get it. Just remember that they’re paying you (in most cases) to get that shot. Try to work with the wedding photographers, if they’ve hired them. You may be able to collaborate with some of the shots they are getting, and they will want to know where you’re going to be too (so they can avoid you).

Hopefully, now that we are familiar with the territory, future wedding jobs won’t go on for as long as this one did. We have the possibility of a few more wedding jobs in the future, and we’ll see if this part of our business takes off.


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