ms and me: Pre-Production

I’ve been keeping my second short film pretty hidden for quite some time. I’m still not going to promote it as heavily as Lights, at least that’s my current intention. It actually took quite some goading from others to actually say the title online. The reason behind this is because I’ll be submitting it to a film festival at my university, and one of the festival judges is my old boss. I think another reason I haven’t been promoting it heavily is because I’m worried about how it will turn out.

So far, I’ve done all of the planning in terms of getting the film approved by my professor. This professor is teaching the class that I’m making this film for, and she’s also the one who has planned the university film festival. For her, I have written a treatment for the film and a couple of drafts of the script. Within just this week, it’s been approved and I sent the script to my main actress on Monday evening. We scheduled the day we would be shooting on Tuesday, and I brought in someone to help me get locations on Wednesday.

I say I’m worried about how it will turn out, not because I’m not confident in the script or the actress or my crew or my ability to convey the messages I want, but because of the massive time crunch that’s being put on the film’s production. The festival that it must be submitted to (as a class requirement) is April 14th. My actress is out of state and won’t be back until April 1st, and the only day that is available to film everything is April 5th. This only leaves me a week to edit the film and provide music for the film that helps deliver the emotion that I want.

This is a massive contrast to my production of Lights, which has been going on since September of 2014. Lights took a month and a half to film, a month to edit and is still being finalized. I am proud of it, and all of the time that it took to make sure I had everything the way I wanted it really helped that. I’m worried about how ms and me will turn out because I don’t have that luxury. It’s extremely stressful.

In terms of the script and story of “ms and me,” I’m very proud of it. The story is very personal to me, even based on some of my own experiences. I had to find a happy medium with my professor about certain things because we didn’t agree on the ending. I wanted an ending that made you think. I want everyone to just take a deep breath once the credits roll. That’s what I want.

That’s also why I’m so worried about the final turn out of the film. I’m worried that I’ll have to use royalty free music on the film in order to have it finished in time for the festival. This will hinder a lot of the emotion that I’m trying to convey because it’s not personal to the movie. Unfortunately, that may be the sacrifice I have to make in order to get the assignment done on time.

I’m not saying I would leave it that way. I would definitely go back and have original music composed for the film afterward. This is another reason why I’m hesitant to advertise it. It’s bad enough that a film that I consider unfinished may be shown at the festival, but to have a lot of people excitedly waiting to see that unfinished product is even worse.

It’s a very convoluted issue. I have a lot to say, but I’m just so hesitant to say it. Everything is coming up so quickly, and all I can really do is hope it turns out well.


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