ScreenPlay: Season 2 Episode 4

This episode of ScreenPlay was pretty similar to all of the others before it. I made plans, and a lot of people didn’t follow those plans. Although I had preparations completed far ahead of time, I found myself redoing things the night before.

One of the biggest things that happened was that one of our video submissions didn’t pull through. It’s not really something that surprised me. I was just incredibly disappointed in the individual who failed me once again. He ended up sending us his video submission an hour before we filmed the show, and I told my director to ignore it. We let this same individual slide once before with this exact same thing, and I told him that the next time wouldn’t be as lenient, so now here we are.

Other than that, we had two guests in the studio, and they did very well. We brought Nadia back as a reviewer again, and I’m happy to say that she seemed to have opened up and was more talkative this time around. My director and crew did wonderfully, and we finished right on time. It was a good shoot.

There is a small technical difficulty with the package that we rolled in. The package was one that I submitted, so I’m taking it exceptionally hard. It appears that the switcher we used to film the show didn’t play the audio in one small part of the package. It’s really that weird: only one interview (which I cut to twice in the package) doesn’t have sound. It plays fine outside of the switcher, so I’m not sure exactly what to say about the issue.

This episode has reviews of The Neighbourhood and the TV series Empire. It features a package on the Geneva Film Festival (with a technical issue). Screen Time topics include Pretty Little Liars, Insurgent, Lady Gaga gets engaged, Lady Gaga on the new season of American Horror Story, and Taylor Swift.

As soon as we left the studio, I started planning for our next episode, which also happens to be our second season finale. Let’s hope all goes well!


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