Geneva Film Festival

This year, I attended the Geneva Film Festival for the first time. In addition to it being my first experience at this particular film festival, it was my first time at any film festival at all. Although I had wanted to attend just to see the films, I ended up being quite lucky in that I attended as a volunteer “reporter” for Batavia Access Television. I say lucky because through this volunteer act, I was given a VIP pass which allowed me to attend anything at the festival that I wanted. Without it, the experience at the festival is entirely different.

While volunteering, I attended the “filmmakers round table,” where the directors of the films were able to sit down and converse with people who were interested in hearing them speak about the process of making their films. It was definitely interesting to hear of some of the production problems they had encountered because they were really no different than things I’ve experienced myself. It’s both good and bad to know those type of problems happen to people other than just me. Through volunteering, I was also able to experience interviewing these filmmakers with a really official looking backdrop. It really felt like I was at a premiere.

With Erik Leal from E Leal Productions at the Geneva Film Festival 2015

By attending the Geneva Film Festival, I also had the opportunity to see what a film festival was all about. People have been telling me that I should consider submitting my films to festivals for quite some time, and I had never really thought about it. Attending this festival showed me what I would be in for if I did, and now I can say that I am pretty interested, and I may very well be submitting a film to the Geneva Film Festival for next year. We’ll see how that goes.


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