ms and me: Production

I’m not new to production. I’ve done quite a few. I’ve made a film that took 8 months to create, and I’ve made a film that took 3 days. What I’ve never had to deal with before is having to make a 10-15 minute short film in just over a week.

Many people reading this will probably think that this is my fault, but let me tell you, this quick deadline has nothing to do with procrastination. It was just planned in the syllabus this way. I’m sure I wouldn’t have too much of a problem with this deadline if I had absolutely nothing else to do, no other responsibilities of any kind. Unfortunately, that’s just not how it is.

That’s the situation I’m in with ms and me right now. I feel like I have a really solid script. I have a wonderful actress who is doing a wonderful job conveying the emotions I’m looking for. This film has the potential to be really good. I’m just worried that this deadline, when paired with everything else on my plate right now, is going to put a massive damper on it.

Production for ms and me started this past Sunday, April 5th. I was free. My actress was free. My camera guy was free. Everything seemed like it was going to go great. I would finish filming it that day (since it’s decently simple), and I’d be able to jump into the edit and have plenty of time to finish it in time. I had completely forgotten, of course, that Sunday, April 5th was Easter Sunday. Locations were closed. Last minute parties and brunches were created. A second shoot date was necessary.

Unfortunately (You’ll find that this word will crop up a lot in this post), due to my schedule and my camera guy’s schedule, the next available shoot day wouldn’t be until the following weekend. This worked fine for my actress. I’m confident that we’ll have everything filmed that day. My problem here arrises with the time that I’m leaving myself to complete a satisfactory edit before the due date. The film is due Monday night, April 13th. I’ll finish shooting Saturday April 11th. I will be working at a different job all day Sunday the 12th, and I have other responsibilities on Monday April 13th. When can I edit?

There will most likely be at least one all-nighter involved. I’ve pretty much resolved myself to the fact that I will most likely not have the music that I want. I fear that I’ll be handing in an unfinished product. This is even more unfortunate when I consider that this will technically be my first film entered in a film festival. (I was entered by default because of the course syllabus)

It’s all just very overwhelming. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry about it. Things just didn’t work out the way I was hoping they would.

On a more positive note, the production is going very well when you forget about the deadline. As I mentioned, the actress in the film is phenomenal. She is just amazing. I really have no words. I’m very happy that she agreed to be in this film with me. I have an amazing production assistant who is helping me with locations, set designs, costumes and assorted tasks. She is brilliant. My camera guy and I have figured out a system to minimize communication problems due to visual differences. Overall, the actual production is going smoothly, almost too smoothly which is a scary thought. I hope I didn’t just jinx myself.

Due to the quick turnaround, I may not have time to make another post regarding the production or post-production of this film. We’ll see how that goes though.


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