ScreenPlay: Season 2 Episode 5

Just yesterday, we filmed the season finale episode of season 2 of ScreenPlay. In addition to this being the last episode of the semester, this was also the last episode where the original team would be working together. After creating the show from the ground up, we’ve been able to expand the show’s possibilities for campus and community involvement as well as overall appeal.

I had a lot of plans for this episode, and unfortunately not all of them panned out. We had a couple of video packages, which was nice to have. It would have been nice to have more videos, but we deal with what we can get. There was a last minute outbreak of a stomach bug which prevented one of our guests from being with us, so I jumped in. Other than that, it was a decently smooth production.

Reviews included in this episode include Surfer Blood and Besieged. We take a look behind the scenes of the university theater production “Dancing at Lughnasa,” and our Screen Time topics included Zayn leaving One Direction, the new James Bond film ‘Spectre,’ The Human Centipede 3, Ryan Reynolds and the Deadpool movie, Hugh Jackman and Jennifer Lawrence leaving X-Men franchise, Fear the Walking Dead, the Burger King wedding and Furious 7.

Normally this is the part where I talk about what has been planned so far for the next episode, and it’s so weird to not have anything to say. Producing this show has been such a big part of my responsibilities for such a long time now. It’s so hard to say goodbye. Hopefully the show will continue its good run in the future with the new students who take it on.


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