ms and me: Editing

Now that the incredibly stressful weekend is over, I can actually make a post about the finishing touches of ms and me.

The last day of filming was April 11th. We started pretty early in the morning, and we finished just before 4pm. We filmed at a public library and a dance studio in order to finish up the last remaining scenes. Overall, the filming process went incredibly smoothly. I’m in awe of my actress, who was able to convey feelings I hope she will never have to feel. She’s incredibly passionate. She made my camera operator cry in almost every take we did. I think that’s saying something.

I started editing the film as soon as we returned from the shoot. I really had no choice in the matter. I needed to have a basic edit finished before I fell asleep that night in order to remain on schedule. It was pretty nice to see it come together, as it always is. I was pretty happy with how it looked. We finished up the minimal voiceover and added some of the necessary transitions. The film didn’t have much sound editing or foley. There really isn’t much dialogue at all, but what is there is pretty powerful.

The next day, I had to work through the entire day. It was pretty awful. While I was working, I had someone finishing up the color correction and any stabilization, while my composer from Lights worked on putting some music together for the project. I kept asking for updates while I was at work, and it was weird hearing about the assorted problems and accomplishments that were happening. I wasn’t expecting too much at first. I just wanted a finished product that I could turn in on the due date. I’m happy to say that I got much more than that.

The composer pulled off something really amazing in a very short amount of time. It really carries the piece forward with the emotions I was trying to convey. When paired with the visuals and the acting, I think this film will leave people speechless, and that’s the idea that I was going for.

Before, I was worried that I’d be turning in a project that I felt was unfinished. Those worries are gone. I’m definitely happy with how this film has turned out. There may be some very small details that I want to add later, but overall the film is pretty amazing. I can’t wait to show it to people in the film festival.


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