Last Official Class Period

This week has been a pretty interesting experience. It’s been the last week of official classes, and it’s my last time experiencing that. It’s something that I want to take in appropriately, but at the same time, I just want wait to be done. It’s odd.

The week started off by turning in the official project portfolio for my short film Lights. It was so nice to be done with the academic aspect of it. I’m sure there will be several other things that I want to do with it before I’m really done in my mind, but having the academic requirements out of the way is a nice feeling.

At the same time, this week really marked the end of my time with ScreenPlay. We’ll be putting together a graphics package and some program guidelines for whoever will be taking over in the future. It’s really bittersweet.

The rest of my classes (Screenwriting, Psychology, European Film), went by pretty quickly. There was really no time to stop and think about it. Now all I have left is finals, which I’m sure will go by quickly as well.

Graduation is approaching fast! 10 days now I think? Oh goodness.


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