Let’s Xcelerate

This summer I have signed on to be an assistant instructor for the Xcelerate summer camps at Waubonsee. This will be my 4th summer with the program and my third summer as a paid position with the program. The Xcelerate summer camps for kids cover a wide variety of topics, and the camp that I help with is the ‘Lights, Camera, Action’ camp where the kids learn how to operate cameras and the process of filmmaking.

As of right now, there will be two classes running this summer, in July. I will hopefully get in contact with some people in the next coming weeks to figure out who I’ll be teaching with so we can develop a lesson plan. The class has been changing over the past several years to figure out the best way to utilize the 5 days we have with the kids in each group. I think we figured out something pretty effective at the end of last summer that I’d like to at least put back on the table.

I won’t really be posting about the class with specifics, but I may post about the process of teaching because giving lessons comes with its own set of lessons.

For example, my first summer with the summer camps was as an intern for education television. My role at the time was very brief, but it was my first instance of attempting to teach what I do to others. I can say one thing; Teaching others is probably the best way to find out what you truly know. That first summer showed me what I needed to learn more about myself, and this type of lesson has continued every summer since. The kids in the class always ask really insightful questions. I never know what I’ll run up against.


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