Applications, Resumes and Cover Letters

It’s been a pretty decent amount of time since I graduated at this point. I think it’s been two weeks. That’s hard to believe. It doesn’t feel like it’s been more than a couple of days. With time passing, and of course seeing others who have recently graduated doing the same, it’s pretty natural that I’d feel the need/urge/desire to apply for some professional jobs in my field.

I think the issue I’m running into with that is that I’m being too picky. I hesitate to say I’m being picky, but to put it in simple terms, that’s what it is. I’m going through a time period where a lot of things are changing in my life, and I’m getting used to that. I’m taking on more post-graduate “adult” responsibility. I’m still coming to terms with the fact that school is no longer a part of my life (for the foreseeable future).

There has been one job that came my way this week that I applied for, and I applied for it almost immediately. It was sent to me by a professor from my university, and it was a very interesting opportunity. The job was to essentially be a senior producer or to work on the production of a short film that would be filmed in the Aurora community by a production company that works to help creative adolescents work in film. I jumped on the opportunity to apply because it seems like a win-win for all of my goals: being a role model for young creatives and working in a creative role myself.

Of course, all I’ve done was apply. I haven’t heard back, and there’s no guarantee that I’ll get the job or hear back from the company at all. I think it was a big step for me to actually move forward and apply for it though, so I’m proud of myself for doing that.

In terms of applying for jobs, it’s interesting to see my experience put into resume format. By that, I mean putting my job experience into some sort of order that describes my responsibilities. It’s a lot of information to put down, but I still feel like it leaves a lot off in order to fit into one page. I need to remember that what’s left off there can be brought up in the interview. I guess I’m doing fine if I look at it that way.

Cover letters are hard though. I won’t sugar coat that. You don’t want to repeat what’s on your resume, but you don’t want to go so off topic or personal that the hiring person tosses you aside either. It’s kind of an art, and despite the fact that I consider myself a decent writer, I don’t feel that I’ve mastered the cover letter. That’s going to take quite a bit of practice.

I can’t help but feel as though I messed up with my first submission of a resume and cover letter. I couldn’t tell you exactly what I feel I messed up on, but I feel it nonetheless. I’m sure I did fine. This is probably just the first time jitters. Hopefully, I’ll get less anxious about it with time. We’ll see how many more jobs I see that I’m interested in.


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