First Opportunity

A little over a week ago, I posted in a couple of places that I was very excited about an opportunity that had come my way. I got several other people excited with my posts, and now that so much time has passed, I feel some need to explain it a little further.

The opportunity that came my way was that of a producer or crew for an independent film that was to be filmed in my city. I received word of it through one of my professors at my university. The job seemed like it would be a great fit for me, although it would be temporary. This is why I was so happy to apply.

Not only would working on this film be a great opportunity for me in terms of advancing my career, but the goal of this particular film company also rings true with a lot of my own personal goals. The film company works with creative youth to give them an outlet and experience in the film industry. That’s very close to my own goals of being a role model for young women who want to be in the film industry. The job was looking for someone who was a college graduate who had at least 2-4 years of filmmaking experience. I fit the bill, so I applied as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, I did receive word of this position much later than I would have liked. I received the email from my professor on May 15th, and the job posting for the producer position had a deadline of May 14th. In terms of the other crew positions, the deadline was also May 15th, so I made sure to get my application in as quickly as possible.

As more time goes by, I fear more and more that it was still too late, but I’m holding out anyway. With luck I will hear back in some way, shape, or form.


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