Filming Southbank V

Over this past weekend, I went with E Leal Productions to cover the TK Southbank Art and Music Fest in Yorkville. We’ve covered the event for several years now, so it was nice to get back out there and see some familiar faces again. This year, we brought in a third camera operator, and this definitely helped with a lot of the issues that were coming up in previous years.

Last year, for example, we only had two camera operators. This made it very easy to miss things, to miss people performing or vendors before they left the event. By bringing in a third camera operator, we minimized the chances of missing as many things. Now I’m not saying that we didn’t miss anything at all this year, because I’m sure we did. I’m only saying that it was much easier to cover a larger area at the same time.

By having a third camera operator, we could have our main camera conducting interviews, a second camera getting b-roll for that interview, and a third camera recording whoever was performing at the time. There was significantly less stress than in previous years. I feel like it went very well.

We’ve been looking through the footage from the festival, and so far we’re really pleased with what we’ve got. We’re hoping to do something a little different with the coverage this year than last year. For last year’s festival, we created an hour long special which aired on public access television. While doing this, we noticed a demand for certain sections, such as the Q&A portion. It is for this reason that we’re aiming to create several shorter videos this year. These shorter videos will be easier to watch for viewers rather than an hour long special. They will be easier to promote for us and for the people featured in the videos. It should go over well.

We’re not ruling out the option of creating a more long-form video. We’re just trying something different this year. We’ll see how it goes. The festival is always a fun time for everyone involved, and it’s nice to be a part of it each year.


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