Private Screening

This past Sunday, the private screening for both of my short films was held in Barrington. The attendees were basically the family and friends of my lead actresses and a handful of the family and friends of the crew. It was the first time since April that people had really seen the films, so it was nice to start getting feedback again.

The set up was pretty modest, but I think it worked really well. The projector screen we were using was between 90-100 inches, if I recall correctly. It filled the space in the room where we showed the films really well. It was really nice of the Serrato family to go through the trouble to black out the windows so no sunlight would get into the room. Our sound system consisted of some nice new speakers and a subwoofer that really filled the room.

Producer Erik Leal and composer Ryan Cwiklik setting up

There was a bit of a party that went along with it, all curtesy of the Serrato family and very appreciated. There was decorative candy and catered food around the house for the guests, and when it came time to show the films, Sarah Sofia Serrato prepared plenty of popcorn to go around.

Actress and production assistant Sarah Sofia Serrato

As for the actual showing of the films, we started off with ms and me. My thought process on this was that this particular film was the shorter of the two. The fact that it had a much more serious and dramatic subject matter didn’t really factor into the decision of when to place it. The subject matter did cause me to put in some buffer space between the two films though. In order to do this, we held a Q&A session after the film, and then I showed the trailer for Lights before taking an intermission that lasted about 30 minutes.

Everyone gathered back around to watch Lights later, although some guests had to leave during the break. This film was much longer than the previous one, and we ended with another Q&A.

Guest seating following the screening of ms and me

The response to ms and me was really strong. During the Q&A, there were some really great questions that we to from the audience. There were questions for our composer, Ryan, about what inspired his instrument choice and the style of music. There were questions for Karla about where she drew her inspiration from for her performance and if there were situations that were difficult for her to portray. I was asked questions about what inspired me to make a film about the subject, and I was also asked who my target audience was. It was a very productive session.

Lights had a good session as well. Ryan got a lot of good questions and feedback for his music in this film as well. Erik, the producer, who also worked on special effects and lighting in the film, got some questions for this one because his work was more apparent. Sarah and I didn’t get many questions for acting, directing, or writing. I did, however, get asked if there would be a sequel for a second time! That was interesting.

Q&A session with the entire cast and crew of Lights

Q&A session with the entire cast and crew of Lights

All in all, it was a good time! Feedback was great! The films will start to be released online this month. I’ll start putting IMDb pages into the works, and there will be more film festivals to submit to in the future.


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