Lights Feedback

Anyone who has been following me on any social media sites over the past year has heard about my work on Lights. From the months of pre-production, casting mishaps, production days and troubles with post production to the attempts at online promotion, Lights is without a doubt my largest project to date.

I’m surprised and a little upset to report that I haven’t gotten much feedback on the film so far. As of today, the film has been uploaded for almost two weeks on vimeo. I’ve broken 100 plays, which is pretty decent. My films on YouTube usually range around there after a months/years. I’ve posted the film on several social media sites on many occasions over the past 2 weeks, but I haven’t really gotten any responses.

There have been a handful of people who have given me verbal feedback over the phone or to some of my crew who have then relayed that feedback to me, but I haven’t really received anything personally. I’ve received several “likes” on social media sites, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that those who “liked” the film actually liked, or even watched, the film. I would like to see some comments which I feel would signify that the film was actually seen.

Due to the lack of feedback, there are several things that are going through my mind. The first thing is pretty simple: people don’t like it. Of course, this first thought doesn’t coincided with the verbal feedback I have received. The small amount of feedback I have received is pretty positive. Nonetheless, I can’t shake the feeling that people aren’t responding because they don’t like the film.

The second possibility that keeps going through my mind is that people don’t care. This is pretty devastating when you consider that most of my network of “fans” right now is friends and family. When they don’t respond to my work, it really just feels like they don’t care about it. I really wish they would give my new films a chance because my work has definitely improved since I released my last film 2 years ago.

These thoughts are really on my mind right now because I’m going to start advertising for my other short film, ms and me, on Sunday. In order to hopefully get feedback on that particular film, I can’t promote Lights anymore, or at least for a while. I might start promoting them both periodically after some time goes by. It’s just hard to switch off from Lights promotion when I didn’t get the response that I was looking for.

In order to end this post, I’ll announce that Lights has an official page on IMDb! If you have an account and you watched the film, please take the time to write a review or rate the title.


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