ms and me: Promotion

After ms and me was released this past Sunday, I’ve been struggling to figure out how to promote the film.

I hate to continue bringing up Lights when talking about ms and me, but it’s difficult not to when they were being made at the same time. When it came to Lights, the production process was significantly longer, so I had more opportunity to share production photos and have audience involvement throughout the entire project. In addition to that, Lights is twice as long as ms and me, so there is more of the film that I can share without giving the story away.

That’s where I’m sitting as I try to promote ms and me, and it does need promotion. While I’ve already gotten more verbal feedback on the film than I did with Lights, it’s really not being watched. The rate at which plays are increasing for the film is much slower than I was anticipating. After 3 days, the film has less than 20 views, and this is significantly less than what Lights achieved in the same time period.

I attempted to create a sort of promotional poster today, and that was difficult. I couldn’t think of anything to do. I ended up deciding on a white background with the same orange lettering that is seen in the film. I chose an image to place beneath the white overlay, which I then crudely revealed through a shape that somewhat resembles an eye. It’s definitely not my best work, and I’m hoping to think of something better in the near future, but I needed to put something out there before I started slowly releasing screen shots of the film.

This same situation made it impossible to create a teaser or trailer for the film to get viewers interested. There are so few scenes in the film, and there are only a few that I can show without revealing too much of the story. As I write this, I can think of an idea that I may pursue this week. We’ll see how it turns out.

Part of what I feel makes this film so powerful when people view it is the level of mystery about the film. Viewers don’t necessarily know what the film is about based on the title, and it is only after they have seen the film and the title is presented at the end that they get the full effect of what ms and me really means. So far, it appears that most, if not all, viewers have received the message that I was trying to convey, and for that reason I am very happy.

I’m hoping that if I figure out ways of promoting ms and me, it will fare better in terms of views.


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