ms and me Feedback

I made ms and me publicly available online almost one month ago, so I felt it was time to make a post about the feedback I have received.

In terms of total number of views, the results for ms and me are pretty underwhelming. During this time period, the film has barely broken 40 views. This is a pretty big contrast to what I was expecting. Of course, this could be due to the fact that it is the second film I have released in a short amount of time. I’ve noticed in the past that for my work specifically, with my network at the moment, if I do too many things at once, they don’t all receive the same attention. Going off of that logic, it’s possible that people see me post ms and me and think “I’ve already seen her film,” not realizing that this one is entirely different. If not that, then once again, people might just not care. It is what it is.

Other than the overall view count, I’ve received far more written feedback from those who have watched the film. I received more written feedback in the first few days of releasing ms and me than I did for my previous film. I’ve even been able to use some of this written feedback in promotion of the film, which is quite nice. The comments I’ve received have ranged from, “touching” to “beautiful,” with mentions that it’s a “true work of empathy” and “brings a tear to the eye”

In addition to written comments, I know that the reaction from viewers is exactly what I was hoping to see. For the most part, viewers are getting choked up and fired up at the exact moments that I was aiming for. This means a lot to me. It lets me know that I did do my job well, even if it’s not been seen by as many as I thought it would be.

I’m planning on continuing to promote ms and me, as well as Lights, but I’m waiting to see what the response is from the Chicago International Film Festival. There should be a decision made in the next couple of weeks regarding the films and whether or not they’ll be shown at that festival. I’ll decide how to promote the films once I have that information.

Also, ms and me has an IMDb page! If you have an account, and you’ve seen the film, please take the time to rate the title.


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