31 Days of Reviews: Tremors 5 – Bloodlines (2015)

When Burt Gummer hears about the infamous Graboids being found in South Africa, he takes the plunge, leaving his Nevada home behind and bringing his new camera man with him. Upon arrival, Burt finds that this breed of Graboid has evolved to be leaner, meaner, and far more efficient than the ones he’s used to at home.

I’m a fan of Tremors, so when I saw this direct-to-video release available on Netflix, I figured I’d give it a go.

While I do admit that I’m a fan of the Tremors series, I was still fully aware going into this movie that it is the fifth in the series, so I wasn’t expecting it to be a masterpiece. Tremors 5 is definitely a direct-to-video B-movie, no doubt about it. My question was whether or not it was still going to be fun to watch. For that, it’s a bit of a toss up.

This particular movie brings back Burt Gummer (Michael Gross), who has appeared in every film in the Tremors series in some way, shape, or form. He’s a stand out character and definitely a fan favorite. Burt has been producing his own survival show ever since the events in Tremors 3, and he’s just gotten a new camera operator, Travis (Jamie Kennedy). When the duo travel to South Africa, we hear the familiar tails of the cycle of the Graboid: Graboids, Shriekers, Ass-Blasters. In this particular movie, however, we mainly see the Ass-Blasters. I’m still bewildered by how the actors can say the name of this creature with a serious face. Burt is also perplexed to find that the Graboids have evolved in ways he wasn’t expecting.

For fans of the series, these will be nice to see, especially since the last Tremors movie was released direct-to-video over 10 years ago. I will definitely admit that it was nice to see these monsters back on my screen.

Tremors 5 doesn’t start out as interesting as it could have. There’s a lot of dialogue, and the story is being set up for some of the reveals at the end. Once the movie reaches its halfway point, it gets far more entertaining. There’s monsters. There’s kills. There’s guts. There’s guns. After that, it does feel just like the good old days.

The movie definitely has some ridiculous and silly scenes. Being set in South Africa, the beginning of the movie plays into African stereotypes. Some of these are called out for being stereotypical (when a jerk character says it), while others are let go (because a protagonist said it). I was very glad when this phenomenon stopped, and we got into the action.

I did appreciate some of the character development given to Dr. Nandi Montabu (Pearl Thusi). Her scenes gave some interesting information that suggested the Graboid species has never been confined to the northern hemisphere as Burt has always thought. I also found her relationship with her daughter and their family dynamic very cute. I liked a lot of her scenes. She was kind of a badass as well.

Overall, if you’re up for a B-movie of the Tremors persuasion, Tremors 5 is available on Netflix streaming. It’s pretty new, only just released on October 6, 2015. I’m not sure if I’d outright recommend it, but I do know that it made me want to re-watch the original again, so if you’re a fan, give it a go!


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