Thoughts on Sequels

As far as I can tell, my short film Lights has been a hit with most of the people who’ve seen it. One of the biggest bits of feedback I’ve been getting afterwards are questions about or demands for a sequel.

I’ve always been pretty adamant that there was not going to be a sequel, but that was due to several different things. For one, I’ve never made a sequel to any of my films before. Also, I just really didn’t have any ideas for how to continue the story.

Recently, a friend of mine got me thinking. His ideas were intended to be jokes of course, but those jokes warped themselves in my head and became an idea. Before I knew it, there was potential for a sequel to Lights. I just needed to perfect it.

In all honesty, the idea is doable. It will cover any continuity issues that arise from the amount of time that’s passed since we finished filming the first Lights. It opens the door to provide answers, not only about what happened to Mia, but also why the creature chose to show itself at that exact moment. What is the motive? This is the area that I still would need to perfect.

At that time, I got really excited about the potential for this new film. I talked with the producer who said he’d be game. I checked with the actress who played Mia to see if she’d be willing to star in another film. I started creating story maps to see what direction I’d go in for a script, until I watched The Woman in Black 2 for my 31 Days of Reviews.

While watching that particular movie, I was reminded why I am wary about sequels. I even ended the review by echoing my thoughts that maybe not every film needs a sequel. Does Lights fall into this category? Is it worth the time and effort to produce a sequel to Lights when I could use that time to explore different ideas? I am definitely torn on this decision, and I’m still unsure of what to do moving forward.

If you haven’t seen Lights yet, I will include it in this post. Does it warrant a sequel?


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