Covering War of Existence

Several weeks ago, I was contacted by some filmmakers I had met at the Geneva Film Festival. They had produced a feature length film, and they were screening it at the Arcada Theater in St. Charles. When I first met them, I had covered their film in the festival, and the story aired on television. They remembered me, and asked if I would be interested in seeing their new film and possibly doing a story on it as well.

So yesterday, I attended a screening of Eric White’s film War of Existence, chronicling his 6-year battle with depression. It was a very moving film, done in a unique style. The film is a mixture of music videos and interviews that separate the story into themes for the audience to individually understand. There is every possibility that you may have the opportunity to see this film in the future since he is submitting it to film festivals at the moment.

In order to prepare for covering this event, I needed to get into contact with the Arcada Theater. I needed to know if they would allow me to bring in a camera in the first place, and if they would, what rules were in place for how I filmed. Some places will allow cameras in as long as you don’t capture certain things, for example. The Arcada was very helpful. They allowed me to bring in my camera, and there weren’t really any stipulations. I only needed to have signs up that informed other attendees that they could be filmed.

Upon arrival, I saw that the theater had provided their own signs, as well as mine. I didn’t have any problems with anyone for having a camera present. There was even a wonderful employee of the theater who was very accommodating. With his help, we were able to gain access to the upper level of the theater to get a good view of the Q&A. By being on the upper level, I was also able to take notes for potential interview questions without disturbing others.

I had a camera operator with me, so we worked together to get B-roll of the event before the screening, watched the film, covered the Q&A, and then had an interview with the director. Overall, everything went smoothly. It was a good experience.

With the footage that I captured, I’m going to see if I can put together a short story to submit to one of the public access channels I work with. If I can create a more long-form video, then I’ll submit to the other public access station, but the short story seems more useful, as well as doable. I would also like to put together a general video of the event itself to give to the director. In that way, he’ll be able to use it to promote his film if he wants, but he’ll also have something to look back on for himself.

Hopefully I’ll be able to do this how I would like to. There will be several things that I’ll be editing this week, and unfortunately, one of them has a tighter deadline, so everything will have to be prioritized accordingly. I’m looking forward to it though! It will be nice to have things like this to do. It’s been a while.


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