Crave from the Grave – Production

A few days ago, I blogged about my idea for my next short project Crave From the Grave. While writing that post, I said that this project would contain my attempt at combining scares and comedy. Now that I’ve filmed it, I think I can definitely say that scares aren’t present. It’s far more humorous than scary, and that’s definitely not a bad thing.

I’m still not going to go into too much detail about what the plot for this project really is. I’ll save that for when the project is complete and can actually be watched. I have to keep the surprise somehow.

I was lucky enough to have Erik Leal, Jason Rugg, and Noah Bailey help out with the production of this project. It definitely helped with the aspect of practical effects, as well as lighting. Not to mention, it made the atmosphere much more enjoyable. There were lots of laughs. It was quality time.

While filming, I needed to make sure I kept myself in directing mode. I wanted to take feedback from the crew members I had. I accept that they’re far better at comedy than I am. I wanted to be able to accept ideas from them, while still maintaining artistic control. I think I did a decent job at it. We filmed what I was originally looking for, and I have some other hilarious takes to choose from for the final edit.

As for editing, that’s where I’m headed now. Based on my preliminary looks, I think I’m gonna have some trouble fitting the project into 30 seconds. I’m going to have to work pretty hard with the pacing and such, even cutting out some lines, to hit the time limit.

I will end this post just as I ended my last post about this project, wish me luck. I’m still going to need it.


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