Crave from the Grave – Editing

We finished filming the Crave from the Grave project on Sunday evening, and we spent the next 3 days editing and making sure all of the special effects were right. I think we’ve finally gotten it where we want it, and I just submitted it to the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest.

I’m not going to lie. I was very frustrated with the edit at first. I had storyboarded the project early on, and I shot it to be edited that way. When I actually sat down to edit it, my original plan wasn’t working out. I couldn’t get all the shots that I wanted to work cohesively in the project. It was very upsetting.

In the end though, it seemed to work better in a seemingly fluid single shot. The effects all get their ample amount of screen time, and it’s different. I think that’s one of the things my submission has going for it, if not the only thing. It’s different.

Crave from the Grave is themed like a paranormal investigation show, and that’s decently new from what I’ve seen in Doritos commercials. The single shot aspect only helps it at that point. We added sound effects and a night vision effect to the video which helps it out too. We let the practical effects slide, especially at the end. I still won’t go into detail about this. That’ll have to wait until I can share it with people.

I created a new Youtube and Gmail account in order to submit the commercial. The contest wanted the right to manage my account, so I wasn’t comfortable giving them one of the accounts I actually used. It’s a bummer because it would have been nice for people who liked my submission to be able to check out my other videos too. In any case, I’ll have to wait about 48 hours before I can show people. You can expect to see Crave from the Grave by this weekend.


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