Attempting to Crash the Super Bowl

Despite my lack of posts in the last few days, I’ve updated this blog pretty frequently about my current project, Crave from the Grave.

In case you haven’t read any of those posts, Crave from the Grave is my submission to the final Crash the Super Bowl contest held by Doritos. Within this competition, hopeful creatives submit commercials in order to get a chance at $1,000,000 and to have their work on television during the Super Bowl.

The commercial is 30 seconds, as per the rules, which was a decently difficult time to hit. The premise of my submission is that a group of paranormal investigators encounter a spirit with a craving.

You can view and rate my submission in the gallery on the Doritos website here

The semi-finalist winners will be announced in December, and I’m positive that it’s going to be pretty stiff competition to get there. There are about 5,000 submissions, and I’m not the only paranormal idea. As far as I know, the semi-finalist winners are chosen by judge criteria, not popularity, but I will be sharing my submission around to try to get traction regardless.

I’m pretty proud of this project. It got me doing creative stuff again, and I think it’s decently funny. Even if it doesn’t make it far in the competition, I will still consider it a success. At least I tried, you know?


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