Weekly Review: Home (2015)

The Boov are constantly on the run. Their race is pretty great at occupying planets, at least temporarily, and their next target is Earth. An outcast Boov and a young human girl work together and develop an unlikely friendship.

Home is a 2015 film from Dreamworks Animation. One of the first things that really stuck out to me about this particular movie, and I feel it’s one of the best things about it, is that it’s a more diverse animated film. The main character, Gratuity Tucci, known as Tip to her friends, is voiced by Rihanna. There aren’t enough movies, especially movies aimed toward children, that have diverse leads, so it was really nice to see this shown in Home. I really liked the design given to Tip throughout the film as well.

Throughout the film, one of the main conflicts is the invasion of the Boov and the Boov mentality of always running away. At one point in the movie, our main alien Oh (Jim Parsons) states that for Boov, running away is second nature. If the probability of a situation succeeding is 50% or less, then Oh says it’s best to give up. Of course, when paired with the perseverance of humanity, it’s easy to see that the film will end with Oh learning to be brave and to stop running away.

The film is titled Home because that’s a common theme between both Oh and Tip. As an audience we learn that Tip has a shaky view of what home is because she’s recently immigrated to the United States. For Tip, home is synonymous with family, and we can see that through her search for her mother who was abducted and relocated in the Boov invasion. Similarly, Oh is Boov, and the Boov don’t have families. Considering that the Boov are constantly relocating, Oh doesn’t have any solid idea of what home is either. In this way, the two characters learn and grow from each other. It’s a decent message.

Home is definitely aimed toward children. It has a lot of jokes that will really entertain the kids, but it may get on parents’ nerves. There is a decent amount of toilet humor. The Boov speak in broken English which can definitely be entertaining, but may become agitating. There were some phrases which definitely made me chuckle, such as “What is the purpose of your face?” to ask “What’s wrong?” There are some funny moments where the Boov use common human items incorrectly. I was definitely entertained, but Home is definitely targeted more toward children which isn’t a bad thing.

The movie boasts a pretty decent soundtrack. There are a lot of songs from Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez, who both voice characters in the film. There are some great electronic sounds that accompany some of the advanced inventions that the Boov operate. While I really enjoyed the soundtrack, I did feel that sometimes the editing and mixing of the songs didn’t feel cohesive. Sometimes it felt like the insertion of the pop songs was a bit more distracting than it was intended to be.

In terms of new or innovative ideas, unfortunately Home doesn’t have them. The movie is pretty predictable, and I’ve seen some people compare its plot to E.T. I personally wouldn’t take it that far. There are a lot of positive things about Home, and I think its an important movie to show to children, if only for the representation for children who don’t often see themselves in American mainstream media.

Home is entertaining and ridiculous, but if you’re looking for a superior, mature story, you won’t find it in this film. It’s not one of Dreamworks best, but I wouldn’t say it’s all that bad. I had a good time watching it.


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