Rooty: 1/15/16 Shoot

We held the second film shoot for Rooty on Friday, January 15th. This was a significantly heftier scene than what we had planned for the previous filming day, so I definitely had my apprehensions. Overall, I would call the day a success because we finished filming everything we had set out to accomplish, but that doesn’t mean that the shoot went as perfectly as we would have hoped.

We started out with a later call time than I probably would have had. Due to some complications with the actors we started even later than that, so I definitely started the day out worried. On top of that, I wasn’t sure how the location was going to work out. I had taken some pictures of it a few weeks before, but hadn’t been back since, and our director hadn’t been to the location at all. I was definitely expecting more complications there.

When the director and actors arrived, things started out okay. The sound guy had figured out how to use his equipment in the area, and the director had blocked movement with the actors in the space provided. We started filming a few shots, and just as we started getting into dialogue, disaster struck.

It was in the form of a wood-chipper. Just over the hill at our planned location, city workers were cutting excess foliage and sending it through the grinder. They were going to be at it for a couple of hours at least. There was no way we were going to be able to film our dialogue scenes at that location.

It was definitely a setback that lasted for a few minutes, but we ended up moving to another nearby park to restart the scene. I know this wasn’t favorable for the director. He definitely liked the aesthetic of the other location, and he was having a hard time getting the shots he wanted at the new place. We did have a schedule to stick to, so he made it work.

We finished the scene at the new location, much faster than I would have anticipated. I’m still having a hard time dealing with the production since it has no storyboard. From my perspective, it seems chaotic, and it’s hard for me to keep up with what’s going on, what shots we’ve filmed, and what we may still need to film. Either way, we did finish the scene, so we are still on schedule. This is a very good thing.

Coming up, we have another couple of scenes that will require some planning. These scenes will include an indoor location, dialogue and extras. I hope all goes well.


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