Rooty: 1/22/16 Shoot

The most recent shoot for Rooty was set to be a little different than its predecessors. This shoot required booking an indoor location, getting extras, and shooting two scenes with the most characters on camera at once.

Planning for this shoot seemed to be going incredibly well. We had the location booked pretty early. The actors had been told what the scene was and when they were expected to be on location. Notices had been sent out requesting extras. We had an actress booked to portray the teacher, even though she’d be arriving at a later time than the rest of the actors. Despite having a short amount of time to film both scenes, the planning phase seemed to be going well.

There was, of course, the problem of the limited amount of time we had available to shoot. One of the actresses we needed was only available after 1:00, and our main actor was only available until around 3:00. On top of that, both the director and sound guy had another gig they had to leave for at 3:30. Time was tight. There wasn’t much room for error.

Unfortunately, there were definitely some setbacks. The crew arrived at the designated time, but only one of the actors did. The remaining actors weren’t at the location until past 1:30. We were lucky enough to have one person respond to the requests for extras, but one person isn’t enough to fill a classroom. As a producer, I had to step in to fill the roll of an extra, despite not wanting to appear on camera at all. Even the actress who agreed to portray the teacher didn’t arrive until 2:00, when she had said she’d arrive at 1:45.

This put us at the point where we didn’t get around to filming anything we had scheduled until almost 2:15. We had only an hour to film something we had been worried about accomplishing in two hours. This was even more difficult because it was hard to keep the actors on task in order to finish everything.

Being able to bridge the line between director and friend is definitely something that we’ll have to work on moving forward. It can be a very difficult task to direct your actors when they’re your friends. I know this very well from my own experiences. It’s a very fine line, but it’s exceedingly difficult to cross. There comes a time where it needs to be done though, and hopefully we’ll be able to do that from now on.

Despite a lot of the negatives we faced on this shoot, we still managed to stay on schedule. It was definitely rougher than I would have liked, but it’s still pretty early in the project. We are approaching the halfway point though. I’m hoping that we’ll be able to overcome a lot of these production problems as we get closer to the end.

Next week, we’ll be going back to the beginning, filming the opening scenes. Should be interesting.


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