Revisiting Southbank

Way back in May of 2015, E Leal Productions covered the TK Southbank Art and Music Fest for, I think, the third or fourth year in a row. This time we went into it with a plan, and we had three camera operators. These three camera operators included myself, Erik Leal of E Leal Productions and Jason Rugg, a local freelance media producer.

In previous years, we’ve tried several different ways of formatting our coverage. We’ve created short promotional videos and an hour long special. This year, we planned on creating several different short form videos that focused on the musicians, artists, and vendors that attended the event.

Unfortunately, a lot of events transpired following the Art and Music Fest. The biggest issue was that full time positions came into play, and there wasn’t a lot of time available to edit the videos. At the time, we were also looking to relocate our home office location, and this wasn’t fully taken care of until October or November of 2015. The footage remained dormant for that entire time.

Around December 2015, we started receiving inquiries about the footage. This was completely understandable, of course. In response, I started the long journey of sifting through the footage and detailing its contents.

After so many months had gone by, it was definitely difficult to remember what we were originally going for. I’m sure we had a reason for every shot that we filmed, but after so long, I could no longer see it. I also had to go through the footage to develop a completely different plan for what to do with it. Since the event was so far in the past, it would no longer be relevant to follow the original plan. Overall, it took most of the month to completely look through all of the footage we had collected.

Now, here we are in January of 2016, and we’re attempting to edit some videos together for the event that will still be relevant. We’re still facing the same difficulties with finding the time to put these videos together, but I’m pretty confident that something will finally be finished soon.


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