Rooty: 1/29/16 Shoot

Many apologies for how late this post is coming, but on January 29, 2016, we filmed the opening scenes of Rooty.

It was very interesting to have filmed so much already, before filming the opening scenes. Of course, this happens all the time when making movies. Scenes are almost never filmed in chronological order. It’s all a matter of scheduling and convenience. In our case, it was a matter of scheduling actors.

We returned indoors for these scenes. Pre-planning went really well, and the director had a vision for what he wanted his shots to look like. Overall, I’d say that this particular shoot went the best out of all the shoots we’ve had so far.

Everything went so smoothly that I was even able to take some more “artsy” production photos this time.

One of the most interesting aspects of this shoot was when we were filming the first parts of scene 1. The scenes starts with the characters driving in a car, and the director wanted some shots of the car driving from the outside. This required some risky moves, namely having a camera operator in the trunk of a car that was driving in front of the car being filmed. The director likes the shots, so I’m glad it worked out well!

Since the shoot went so smoothly, there really isn’t too much to say about it. I will say that I’m hoping to see future shoots end up like this. It felt like everyone was learning from past mistakes and moving forward. It was really nice. It was very stress free.

The next shoot is scheduled for February 5th, and we’ll be going back outside again. Hoping that goes well.


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