Geneva Official Preview Party

On February 4th, 2016, the Geneva Film Festival held its official preview party at 25 N Coworking in Geneva.

A couple of weeks before, I had attended the exclusive preview party at K.Hollis Jewelers in Batavia. I blogged about it previously, but as a refresher, I attended that event with the lead actress of Lights, Sarah Sofia Serrato. It was a night of mingling, and we saw a bunch of the trailers from other films that were accepted to the festival as well.

For the official preview party, I attended it with Lights producer Erik Leal and composer Ryan Cwiklik. While this event didn’t have as much of a turn out as the exclusive one did, it was still a good time. I’m glad that both Erik and Ryan got to see our film surrounded by the other impressive selections.

The festival volunteers have stated that a schedule should hopefully be completed by February 10th, the same day that tickets will be available for purchase. As soon as I know when Lights will be shown at the festival, I will update again for anyone who is interested.

It’s exciting and nerve wracking to think that the festival is fast approaching, and my film will be shown at the same time as some of these well produced films from other directors around the world. It’s hard for me to see myself at the same level as these other filmmakers. Hopefully, it will become more of a reality for me when the date arrives, but it’s definitely a hard notion to wrap my head around.


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