Rooty: 2/5/16 Shoot

For the Rooty shoot on February 5th, we headed back outside to film a pretty crucial scene where the main character meets Rooty for the first time.

I was hoping that we would have as good of a shoot as we did last week, but heading back outside created a list of problems. We missed our initial call time by at least 30 minutes. We had constant hold ups from garbage trucks and helicopters, making it impossible to record dialogue until they had moved. On top of that, the weather was putting a hamper on the actors’ performances.

As a producer, I found that a lot of my job that day was keeping everyone moving, trying to not waste the limited time that we had. I know from experience that shutting down when you start facing problems on a shoot will cause a lot more harm than good. I’ve seen other directors face it, and I’ve had to deal with it myself. When I saw that start happening at this shoot, I tried to prevent it.

At some points, I found it quite difficult. The director has a lot going on right now. It’s obviously pretty stressful. I was in his position last year, but even then, I didn’t have as much going on as he does now. I can understand.

Other than that, the biggest issue that I was worried about was continuity. Throughout the week leading up to the shoot, snow had been in the forecast. I was definitely hoping that this wouldn’t happen. It would have caused a massive problem. The scene that we were filming was toward the beginning of the film. It was sandwiched between two other scenes we had filmed where there had been no snow.

We were lucky in that we only got some light powder of snow that morning. The sun melted it quickly. There still may be some issue with the color of the grass in terms of continuity, but that can be less noticeable with color correction. Snow could not have been fixed. Only a few days after the shoot, we got a much bigger snow fall. We were very lucky to have filmed this particular scene when we did.

For what we have left moving forward, continuity with the weather is not much of an issue. Most of our leftover scenes are indoors, except for the final scene, which can have as much or as little snow as there happens to be that day. Not having to worry about the weather is a huge weight off my shoulders.

We’re coming close to the end of the production phase for Rooty. We just wrapped with one of the actors at this shoot. It’s been a rough ride so far. Here’s to hoping that these last few shoots go smoothly.


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