Rooty: 2/12/16 Shoot

This shoot will probably go down as one of the worst throughout the production of Rooty. That’s not because of anything that went down while actually shooting. It’s because of last minute changes that were detrimental to our planning.

The plan for the shoot on February 12, 2016, was to get through a hefty amount of dialogue scenes that concerned the main character and his mother. Unfortunately, the actress who plays the mother cancelled less than an hour before the call time. Obviously this put a massive damper on the plans for the day.

Originally, (two days before) the actress had stated she was only available for 1.5 hours, so we had to eliminate one of the scenes we had scheduled. With her cancelling completely, we had to reschedule even more scenes for next week. Needless to say, we are officially behind schedule now.

We needed to film something anyway so that the day wasn’t completely wasted, so we had to wait until the actress portraying Rooty arrived for her call time. When she arrived, we started filming the only scene we could. It was a pretty short, simple scene, and this was nice because we were able to really focus on getting all of the shots we would need. In terms of actual production and use of the time we had, this shoot would be one of the best.

After that, it was basically playing damage control. How do we schedule the scenes that were pushed back so that we don’t fall too far behind schedule? We’ve officially broken into the days I had set aside for tentative back up shoots, but I was hoping that we wouldn’t have to use them. It’s imperative that we don’t fall any further behind. If production gets pushed into March, then it will be too tight to edit the film, and any chance at original music will be severely limited.

For the next shoot, we have another hefty day scheduled to try to make up for the time we’ve lost. If all goes well, we should be able to film all five scheduled scenes, wrapping for the mother character. After that, we’ll only have the final scene scheduled for the last week of February.

The chances of us being able to accomplish all of this in the time I would like is very slim, but I will remain hopeful about it regardless. Wish us luck. We’re gonna need it.


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