Rooty: 2/26/16 Shoot

For those of you who have been reading these posts regularly, you may have wondered why I didn’t post about a Rooty shoot last week. Unfortunately, we didn’t have one. It was cancelled due to scheduling conflicts with some of the actors, and of course this set us back on schedule even more than we already were.

It wasn’t an opportune situation, but there wasn’t much we could do to avoid it. This set us on a definite time crunch. We had a lot to accomplish at this shoot, and any slip ups would put us so behind schedule that we’d have to create even more make up days.

On this particular shoot, we were determined to finish every scene that included the mother character. They were all crucial scenes, and we had a limited amount of time to complete them. This was the day that we introduced Mom to Rooty.

The shoot got off to a rocky start. We had some late arrivals, and it took a while to get the actors prepared to start filming. This took, I would say, about an hour away from our time to film the scenes as we wanted them.

When we started filming, we headed back out to the garage.  As a location, the garage has its own setbacks. It’s a location where the furnace can kick on and disrupt audio for an extended amount of time. It’s colder, so the actors aren’t as comfortable. It’s closer to the outside, so cars, planes and dogs can create unneeded background noise. While we only had two scenes in the garage, it took a significant amount of time to complete them.

Moving out of the garage, we had several scenes to finish inside the house and at the dining room table. Again, we had the unfortunate setback of scheduling. One of our actors, after arriving late, announced that they needed to leave at a time that required us to rush to finish.

Despite feeling like we were sprinting to finish a marathon in the last half hour of production time, we managed to finish everything that we had scheduled for the day. Now all that’s left is our final scene. Our director has wanted to finish filming with this scene, and I’m definitely looking forward to it. Filming this scene last will be a melancholic finish for all involved.

After the shoot was over, I got to see some of the edits that have been finished so far. I saw about 10 minutes of the story put together, and it was definitely nice to see the story play out after 2 months of shoots. The edit is rough at this point, but I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more as it comes together.


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