Southbank 2015 – Coy Bear

The newest Southbank throwback features E Fink of The Giving Tree Band performing a solo set under the name Coy Bear. While he is performing as a soloist, the song he performs in the video is called “Peace on the Mountain,” and it is a song by The Giving Tree Band.

While many of the other artists named the titles of their songs while they were performing, there were some who were so caught up in the performance that the songs just blended together one after another. This caused a bit of a hurdle in editing because we had to try to figure out what song was being played by listening to the performance and then searching through the artists’ discography. It was pretty difficult. Coy Bear performed several more songs, but this was the only one we could identify.

Similar to last week’s video, my camera work isn’t present. I still don’t know what the problem was, but it’s a problem with all of the videos that were filmed toward the end of the day.

The camera work in this video is by Erik Leal and Jason Rugg.


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