Rooty: 3/4/16 Shoot

This was the day.

This was the day that we finished the bulk of principle photography for Rooty.

Ever since we planned the original production schedule, we had hoped to end the production process with the final scene of the film. Despite having multiple setbacks and many scenes rescheduled, we were able to keep this part of the plan, and I really feel like we benefitted from it.

The final scene is both sad and hopeful. It’s a perfectly melancholic end for a short film that started in a similar way. In many ways, this tone mirrored the thoughts of the cast and crew who were present. We were happy to have accomplished such an undertaking, but we were sad at the same time.

I will admit that we got off to a rough start. It was a cold day, and we were shooting outside again. We were dealing with a very bright sun, and the clouds weren’t cooperating. This was making shots appear overblown or casting harsh shadows across the actors’ faces. On top of that, we had a plethora of pedestrians on the bike trail where we were filming. Some of them stopped to stare, while others carried on with their business as usual.

The reason that we picked this particular area for filming was because it appeared to be a wooded area. The director had this location in his head when he wrote the script, so I’m glad we were able to film there. We had to make some sacrifices because of the direction of the sunlight, but overall, I think it looks pretty good.

We did have to set apart some time at the start of the shoot to clear a path so that our actors weren’t stepping over uneven brush and debris.

Now that principle photography is completed, we’ll be moving on to the post production phase and making way for promotions. We’ve already been brainstorming potential ideas for a poster image for the film, and as I mentioned last week, the edit is already under way. I won’t be updating as frequently during this phase of production because there won’t be as many new things to say.

When a substantial amount of the edit is done, or when the edit is entirely done, I’ll have an update on that. Also, when a promotional poster is finished, I’ll most likely be updating with that as well. You won’t be hearing as much from me on the topic, but know that I’m still looking forward to the end results.


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