Upcoming GFF 2016

I mentioned it a long while ago, but my short film Lights was selected to be shown in the 2016 Geneva Film Festival in Geneva, Illinois.

So far, they’ve held two preview parties and have been doing a lot of online promotions for the films selected. Over 16 filmmakers will be attending the festival, which is coming up very quickly. The festival will be at the end of this week, from March 10-12.

Lights will be shown at two separate times. The first screening will be Friday, March 11th at 9:00 PM at Geneva City Hall. The second screening will be Saturday, March 12th at 2:30 PM at Playhouse 38 in Geneva. Tickets are currently available online through eventbrite, and the specific link to that can be found at the Geneva Film Festival’s official website.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 6.23.31 PM

I’ll be attending the festival through all three days. I’ll be present at both screenings of the film, as well as through the filmmakers Q&A on Saturday morning and the final festivities Saturday evening. Saturday will definitely be a long day.

In addition to me being there, I’ll also be accompanied by three very special people that made Lights the success that it is. The producer and visual effects artist, Erik Leal, will be present through the whole festival. Ryan Cwiklik, who composed the haunting, original music, will also be there. We’re also lucky to have the lead actress, Sarah Sofia Serrato, there as well. It will be nice for everyone to get the recognition they deserve.


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