Lights – Post GFF

I mentioned in my last post about the Geneva Film Festival that our visual effects in Lights didn’t translate well over the projectors.

While I was struggling to watch my performance in the film, our visual effects artist was having a hard time of his own while watching. The level of brightness on the projectors showed a lot of things that would have been better not shown. Outlines and visible masks definitely rid the film of its wonder.

Since we worked on the original edit a year ago, we’ve acquired more experience and editing tools. As soon as the festival ended, our visual effects artist was determined to go back and see if he could revisit his work with these new items.

As of last night, he’s updated at least two of the areas that bothered him. It’s highly likely that he’ll continue to look through the film to see if he can update anything else. This updated version will then be sent to any future film festivals we submit to, and I’ll see if I can update the online version of the film to the updated version as well.

This isn’t usually how I go about things. Normally, I would rather move forward and do better on the next project, but I understand where the visual effects artist is coming from. Since this is his most recent work in visual effects, he wants it to accurately depict what he’s capable of. It makes sense.

Our next goal is to submit to the Naperville International Film Festival by the final deadline.


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