Southbank 2015 – Voo Davis

Here it is, the last of our Southbank throwbacks. The weeks have gone by so quickly that it’s hard to believe we’ve gone through seven videos, but here we are.

Voo Davis was one of the more established acts that performed at the 2015 Art and Music Fest. He’s been featured on Chicago news stations recently, and he tours. He had a band with him, and they definitely put on a good show.

This was another portion of the event where the artist didn’t announce their song titles before they were performed. Unfortunately, in this case, we were unable to actually find the song being played, so we were unable to provide a lower third for the song title during the performance.

This is one of our longer videos, since the song itself is more than 5 minutes long. My camera work is only visible during the interview.

The camera work in this video is by Erik Leal, Jason Rugg, and myself.

I wish we had more videos to share about the 2015 Art and Music Fest, but I don’t foresee us editing any more of the footage because so much time has gone by. The next time we utilize this footage would be for a promotional video for the 2016 Festival, if we see one being planned.


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