Updating My Camera

I’ve come a long way in terms of equipment used for filming my projects. I started with a Flip camera when I was doing work on my own. Toward the end of that, I got a small JVC camcorder, which I used to film my portion of Life in a Day.

When I started doing work on a larger scale, I bought my first professional camera, and I’ve been using it since that point in 2012. I purchased my Canon T3i. I’ve used that camera for both photography and film projects for the last four years. It’s served me well. I filmed the majority of Lights with the T3i, and that film recently made it into the Geneva Film Festival.

Attending that festival really opened my eyes to several things about my work. The first thing I realized is that my stories actually interest people. My work is relevant, and I should continue my endeavors to make films. The second thing I realized is that, while my stories do affect people, I need to update my equipment.

In the four years that I’ve had the T3i, times have changed. Cameras have updated. My T3i can no longer keep up with my direct competition. In order for my films to be seen as professional, I need a newer camera, preferably one that is more centric to cinema. My T3i has always been more of a photography camera that I utilized for film.

I’ve been looking at the Canon C100 as the camera I would like to update to. It has the same sort of interface as what I’ve grown accustomed to, but it is far more specialized for narrative film. It’s kind of the perfect blend of what I would need a film camera for actually. One of my biggest upsets about my T3i has been the time limit that I can film. It makes it nearly impossible to cover weddings and events because the T3i can only film for 7-12 minutes at a time. The C100 doesn’t have this problem.

The C100 provides me with a camera that I can use for both event coverage and narrative film. This definitely helps me out. I’m specifically looking at the C100 Mark II because it also gives me an accessible viewfinder, a screen that can be maneuvered much easier, and the option for continuous auto focus. All of these aspects benefit me since I don’t have the best eyesight.

I’m looking to update to this camera within the next couple of weeks. When I do update, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the camera, and I’ll most likely utilize it for my next project. It will be rather expensive, normally retailing at $5500. Wish me luck. I will need it.


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