Submitting to Lunafest

At this point, I’m no stranger to submitting to film festivals. I’m no stranger to being denied at them either. I’ve talked about no longer submitting my current films to festivals and moving on to make new projects, but yesterday I decided to submit to Lunafest.

I didn’t submit both films. Lunafest requires submitted films to be 20 minutes and under. Lights didn’t meet this qualification, but ms and me did, so ms and me is the film that I submitted.

I was definitely a little hesitant about this. So far, ms and me hasn’t faired well in the festival circuit. Other than its success at the Borealis Film Festival in April 2015, it’s been denied at the festivals I’ve submitted to. Since festivals hardly ever give feedback, I’m not sure why this is. I’ve been starting to think that maybe my message doesn’t connect with viewers.

Despite this, I really wanted to take the chance to submit to Lunafest. Way back when I finished these films, one of my professors told me that it would be a good idea to try submitting my films to festivals for women. He had said it would be a good way to show my work and break onto the scene. Lunafest is a festival for women, so I didn’t want to pass up a chance to at least try submitting to a female festival.

The notification date isn’t until the end of July for this festival, so it will be a while before I hear anything back. I’ll continue working on my next project in the meantime, and may even start work on one after that. It keeps going. I can’t stay in 2015 forever.


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