Catharsis: Pre-Production

I’m stepping into the producer seat once again, this time for Catharsis, written and directed by Jason Rugg.

I have a decent amount of experience producing short films, so I definitely enjoy using that experience to help out with films that aren’t my own. It’s an interesting experience that I first got with Rooty. I’m excited to be taking this experience into Catharsis and working with Jason Rugg in this context.

Rugg first sent me the script for Catharsis several weeks ago. In those weeks, it has morphed into a pretty amazing concept. It has the dark humor that Rugg has come to be known for, and it also has a decent level of action to it which is still something that’s new to me. It should be a fun and interesting experience.

Our work with pre-production so far has mostly dealt with casting. We’ve had several issues with it. We had an actress in mind for the lead role, but she unfortunately dropped out, and during that time we found ourselves at a loss. So much of the script had been catered around this particular actress, and it was difficult to find someone to fill the spot. I’m pleased to say that we did finally find an actress who will fit the role. Fingers crossed there won’t be any more issues on that aspect.

Rugg is looking to get Scott Mackay (a radio DJ and a bit of a local celebrity) to play the antagonist in the short film. So far this lead has been promising, and it looks like Mackay will be available. This will be a good deal, both for Mackay with his budding reality web series and for Rugg with this short film.

We recently sat down to formulate the schedule for the film, including when and where each shot would be filmed. This will help out a lot when it comes to the shoot day. While we’re still having difficulties working with actors’ schedules, the overall outlook for the film looks very promising.

We are still currently seeking extras to be in the club scene that will be shot on April 30, 2016. We recently only had a handful of confirmed people, and it would be swell if we could get several more. The opportune number of extras for this particular scene would be between 15-20. The last time I spoke with Rugg about the number of extras it seemed like we could possibly be reaching 16 people. No matter how many extras we happen to get, we’ll have to make due. We’ll see how this goes on the day of the shoot.


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