Catharsis: Production

I previously wrote about the pre-production on Catharsis, a short film project I’m producing for Jason Rugg. The production for this film began on April 29th, and it continued into April 30th.

There were several issues in the pre-production process which led to a lot of last minute script changes, we worked our way through these changes as best as we could on the shoot day, but it did prove to be difficult at times because plans were changing on the fly.

One of the biggest aspects of this short film has always been that the majority of it is a club scene. When doing a club scene, you need a decent amount of extras. After having a hard time having people commit to coming out, we finally got 8-10 extras for the scene. This is less than we were hoping for, but we made due. The director stuck with a lot of close ups, but it will definitely be important to be mindful of how often we show the extras in the final edit.

On the bigger production day, we had Scott Mackay on set. Filming his portions of the film didn’t take very long, but he was fun to have while he was there. We filmed some behind the scenes interviews with him that may eventually be used. His parts were filmed before any of the extras showed up.

Both of these scenarios were filmed on Saturday, April 30th. This was the bigger day of production with craft services and extras and such. Production actually started on April 29th though. On that day, we met with the main actress and filmed the scenes where she is alone, as well as her preliminary voiceover.

There are still some shots that we need to pick up, and if anything comes up in the edit, that will have to be addressed as well. I’ll be writing about the post-production process soon, but for now I’ll tell you, I’m really liking how Catharsis is turning out.


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