3:03 – Post Production

In all honesty, I’ve been waiting to publish this post for quite a while. We filmed 3:03 on April 24th, and we had a rough edit within a couple of hours. There were some shots that we still didn’t have, so they needed to be picked up, and as I hinted in a previous post, we ran into some issues that needed to be resolved. In any case, we had an edit to freak out our actress before she even left the set.

The only reason we were able to have an edit so quickly is because of the planning involved. We knew what shots were needed at what point in the edit. It really just came down to pacing. On top of that, we also had to do a decent amount of color grading to make our footage appear to have been shot at night.

One of the main pick ups that we still needed to film going into the edit was the alarm clock shot. We needed to film 3:03 for 3:03. We probably could have gone about this in an easier way than we did, but I didn’t want to go through the trouble of setting and resetting a clock, so we stayed up to film the time as it actually happened. We almost missed it too! The clock was two minutes faster than my phone, so I almost didn’t hit record on time. That would have been a bit of a pain.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I made some changes to our plans while we were in the middle of the shoot. This caused a bit of a problem. When we filmed an exterior shot, an improv move was thrown in, and I wanted to incorporate that into the final film. In order to include it, I broke the actress’s movements up into two separate takes, and in the edit, this caused a bit of a jump cut. We had to figure out some sort of shot to include within that jump cut to make the edit flow again.

Despite the initial panic over having to figure out something new, I think that what we eventually chose to fill that space actually improves on the story. It’s funny how sometimes mistakes can lead to something better that you never would have thought of originally.

So far, we’ve shown the edit to a few people as a way of testing its effects. It’s been pretty positive! I’m very happy to say! While some of the shots don’t come across as I had originally intended them, I think it works either way. I’ll probably talk more about this when the film is actually released. I’m still trying to avoid spoilers since the overall product is less than three minutes. I will say that I’m definitely getting the creep factor from people that I’ve shown. That’s all I can really ask for at this point.

There will be a finished product and a Behind the Scenes video released soon!


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