Catharsis: Post-Production

Post production work on this short film has been interesting. I mentioned in a previous post that we were having a lot of issues with the actors. We had some drop out at the last minute. We tried recasting, rewriting, reworking pretty much everything we could think of in order to get the story to work.

When it came to the production day, we filmed a couple of different endings so that we’d have backup plans in case our reworked ideas didn’t make sense.

Despite having a minimal amount of extras, when we sat down to look at an edit that was put together, I think it’s safe to say that we were pretty pleased with how everything worked. The director, Jason Rugg, had done a really good job filming the extras in such a way that you couldn’t really tell how few there were. That, when mixed with the quality of his Sony A7SII, made for a really good looking film.

This isn’t to say that we haven’t had further issues. Once the edit was put together, it was apparent that the voiceover didn’t match the level of intensity that the imagery provided. The voiceover was rewritten and rerecorded. The new version definitely flows much quicker, and it eliminates a lot of the issues that we were running into before, rather than trying to cover them up.

There has also been a significant change made recently. The director has decided to change the name of the short film to something a bit more comedic and memorable. Rather than Catharsis, the short film will now be called Taco Night. I won’t be changing the titles of previous posts, but I will add Taco Night to the tags for each one. Future posts will refer to the film as Taco Night, and Catharsis will still be placed in the tags.

The edit is coming along really nicely. A finished version should be available for viewing soon.


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