MyRodeReel 2016 Recap

So the competition for My Rode Reel 2016 is officially over. All of the award winners have been announced, and neither 3:03 or Taco Night received any awards.

We are slightly disappointed, but not entirely surprised. It was a really stiff competition. There were a lot of entries (over 1200), and a lot of those were really well produced. Statistically speaking, our chances were pretty low, but that doesn’t negate the fact that some really great things came from it.

For example, Taco Night ending up ranking 35th out of 1224 for the People’s Choice Award. That’s pretty amazing. Watching it climb through the ranks was pretty great. Jason Rugg did a really good job directing that one, and I’m glad to have helped produce it.

3:03 didn’t fare as well in terms of popularity among viewers, but as I mentioned before, I received some really good feedback on it through YouTube comments. The YouTube comments really stick out to me because the words are from people I don’t know personally. One of the comments was that 3:03 made them feel something even after it was over, and I consider that to be a massive win. That’s all I can ask for.

Plus, it just felt really nice to be back in the swing of things, making short form narratives. Other than my Crash the Super Bowl commercial, this was the first personal narrative project I’d worked on since Lights and ms and me. It was nice to be back in that creative seat again.


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