Lights, Camera, Action Films 2016

I mentioned in a previous post that I was eventually going to put together a compilation of the films that we did through Lights, Camera, Action in 2016.

During the first week, we maintained the original format of the class. We filmed The Secret of the Pirate’s Treasure. We didn’t have a showing on the final day, so we edited the film in the next week before uploading to YouTube.

The kids didn’t get to write this one, but they got to see the production process while we made it during the week.

In the next week of class, we changed the format. The kids came up with their own story, and we helped them film it. We split into two groups. I worked with one. We named our film Truth or Dare. I edited it during the next week.

I’m really excited to share this one because I think the kids learned a lot and had a good time.

Despite the fact that I wasn’t involved in this next film, it was from the recent week of Lights, Camera, Action, so it deserves to be talked about as well! The kids came up with this story too, and they were helped in making it through the class.


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