Weekly Review: Keanu (2016)

After his house is robbed and his cat is kidnapped, a man and his cousin pose as lethal gang leaders to bring the cat home.

The plot sounds ridiculous, right? I would have to agree with you.

While watching Keanu, I was in complete awe of just how ridiculous the entire plot of the movie was. It felt like a long form YouTube skit. The humor is definitely similar to something you’d discover while on a YouTube spiral. It’s completely unbelievable and outrageous. Why would these people go to these extreme lengths for a cat?!

I’ll tell you what though. I really enjoyed it.

A lot of times, I find myself multi-tasking through movies, whether that be getting up for a quick second without pausing the action or simply pacing back forth while the movie plays. With Keanu, however, I was firmly planted in my seat through the entire movie. I was surprised.

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 1.10.37 AM

If you aren’t familiar with Key and Peele, they are a comedic duo that has recently become much more mainstream. Consisting of Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, the duo began as stars on MADtv, and had their own television series from 2012 to 2015. Their subject matter focused on ethnic stereotypes, race relations, and popular culture. Recently, the actors have starred in other film roles.

Keanu is produced by and stars Key and Peele. Going into it, I was familiar with a lot of their sketches, so I had a vague idea of what to be expecting. On that note, I was not disappointed. The movie definitely focuses on the subject matter that Key and Peele typically work with. There are plenty of points in Keanu where the characters show issues of societal pressures, ethnic stereotypes, and other assorted comedy.

As the movie began, I immediately noticed that it felt like I was watching a long form YouTube video. The humor just has that feeling to it. It’s very in your face for the most part. Some of the funniest bits are simply because the situation is being framed so dramatically. The opening sequence has this feel to it, and if you like that, then you might as well stick around for the rest of the movie.

Overall, Keanu starts and ends with a bang. There is a portion of time in the middle where it starts to drag, and this is mainly due to character development with some of the secondary characters. It still has its chuckle worthy moments, but it’s a big change from the laugh-out-loud nature of the beginning and end. You’ve got a couple interesting cameos in Keanu, and you get to see secondary cast members Will Forte playing a Riff Raff style weed dealer, Method Man playing the leader of the Blips, and Luis Guzmán playing a surprise role in the final climax.

One thing I absolutely have to mention is how much I melted every time they showed the titular cat, Keanu. Although I’m sure they used several different cats while filming, the way that they framed this cat every time he was on screen was just so heart warming that I couldn’t help but fall for the cuteness. On top of that, the cat had its own motif (theme music) that would play and initiate the cuteness overload. Every. Single. Time. It never failed.

Overall, I’d say that Keanu is a pretty effective comedy. The chemistry between Key and Peele really carries the movie forward, and it has enough comedic hits within it that the misses are negligible. Normally, when my reviews mention the word ridiculous, it means ridiculous in all the wrong ways, but Keanu is ridiculous in all the right ways. Part of what made it so interesting was just how absurd the premise was.

Keanu is a fun ride, and if you get the chance I’d definitely recommend it.


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