31 Days of Reviews: Round 3

Tomorrow is October 1st. This means that it’s time for another round of 31 Days of Reviews!

2016 will be my third year doing this challenge, and it really is a challenge. I started doing this in 2014, as a way to write about something I liked, and it became a staple of my writing ever since. I did the second year of reviews in 2015, and because the reviews created a lot of traffic and gave me an excuse to write regularly, I began Weekly Review Wednesday. It’s been a long chain of events leading me to this point.

So this year, I’ll be doing 31 Days of Reviews again. We’ll see if the previous years of experience will make this month any easier. I’ve developed a format for my reviews, which is an improvement. I look back at my early reviews and practically gag at how I wrote them. Pictures and trailers will be included this year (a practice I started about halfway through 2015).

I’ve got some drafts that I’ve been saving specifically for this. I can’t wait to finally get to publish them. There will be a good mix of current films/television and items that can be streamed on Netflix, as well as requests from readers. It should be fun (and stressful)!


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