31 Days of Reviews: Hellevator (season 1)

Do you like haunted houses? Would you face your worst fears for money? If so, Hellevator might be perfect for you!

This review will talk about season one of Hellevator, a horror themed show on the Game Show Network.

I saw the trailers for season two of Hellevator before I even knew what it was. Based on those trailers, I wanted to see it really bad. Imagine my excitement when I saw the first season available on Netflix! I pretty much binged it.


The first season of Hellevator consists of 8 episodes. Within each episode, there are three contestants, and these contestants have some tasks they have to go through. They start out on the hellevator, where they hear the rules and horrific background stories from the wonderful hosts, The Twisted Twins. Each contestant has to face a terrifying challenge on their own, manned only with a walkie talkie to communicate with their friends back on the elevator. Whoever makes it through the challenges gets a chance to face the labyrinth before getting the chance to escape.

Not only is it fun to watch the contestants being completely horrified by haunted house antics, but each level has a puzzle that needs to be solved. Some are more difficult than others. You can try to solve the puzzle if it’s a mental one, but there can also be physical challenges that the contestants have to go through, sometimes with physical punishments for failure. Once they solve the puzzle, and if they make it back to the hellevator in time, the individual contestant wins money for their team and gets a chance to go to the labyrinth, a final maze that gives any remaining team members the chance to pick up more money.

It’s an overall twisted concept that I couldn’t look away from. It’s only fitting that the Twisted Twins, Jen and Sylvia Soska would host it. The Soska sisters are known for producing, writing, and directing their own twisted movies, such as American Mary, Dead Hooker in a Trunk, See No Evil 2, and a segment in the ABCs of Death. They bring a fun energy to the game with their commentary, and their¬†fantastic, maniacal cackles.

Each episode has a different story that goes along with it, based on a legend, and each level is a part of said legend. Sometimes it’s something that I know is a true legend, and other times I’m not so sure. About halfway through the 8 episodes, the challenges get more intense, including physical punishments for errors like electrical shocks, leeches, snakes, and cockroaches being involved. While some stories may be more interesting than others, and some contestants more interesting than others, Hellevator does a good job of keeping its audience entertained.

So, if you’re a fan of haunted houses, or if you want to experience a haunted house from the safety of your own couch, Hellevator might be a game show that you really enjoy. Plus, if you weren’t already interested, it’s produced by Blumhouse, so I think it’s at least worth giving a try!


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