31 Days of Reviews: What We Become (2016)

During a quiet summer in a small Danish town, an incurable outbreak begins, putting everyone in grave danger. Survival becomes their main focus. It’s hard to focus on much else when there are zombies about.

I always see fans of zombie movies wanting to see how the rest of the world would handle a zombie outbreak. We got to see a little of this in the film adaptation of World War Z, but that wasn’t enough. Fans of zombie movies may want to tune in to What We Become, a Danish zombie movie, for a slight glimpse at zombies on a global scale.

While watching What We Become, I was shocked by the many similarities to The Walking Dead, a popular American TV series. In fact, The Walking Dead comics have a volume that shares the same name as this film, so this might not be a coincidence. In many ways, What We Become seems an awful lot like Fear the Walking Dead‘s first season. There are many plot points that are similar, including a neighborhood being quarantined and characters having to decide whether to let others in or remain secluded.


What We Become begins in a small Danish town. It’s one of those places where everybody knows each other, and they have social gatherings together. The main characters are introduced as Dino, the father, Pernille, the mother, Gustav, the teenage son, and Maj, the young daughter. We see that Gustav is an angsty teen with distaste for his parents and their rules. We see that Maj is extremely sheltered, and this comes into play later in the movie. At this time, we also meet some members of the neighborhood, both old and new.

As the plot starts to get rolling, we see the typical news reels from zombie movies. An infection has started. Don’t panic. Stay in your homes. This soon becomes a reality when the little neighborhood gets quarantined. Families are confined to their homes with limited food and power. The military are seen taking certain people away from their families to an unknown location.

The characters soon find out that there is no hope for a cure to the outbreak because no one even knows what disease it is. Similar to Fear the Walking Dead, the military base is overrun, and officials just give up. This leaves the families of the neighborhood to survive on their own.

If you’re one of those viewers who just loves zombie movies (like me), then you’ll probably enjoy What We Become. It’s not really anything new or original. It fits the mold of all of the other movies we’ve seen. It’s a perfectly average movie. I did find that it was done really well though. There were a lot of elements that I enjoyed. I had no problems with the production at all.

When crap really starts to hit the fan, the story escalates, and none of the characters are safe. What We Become has some elements that you don’t often see in mainstream films, but can come to expect from zombie movies. You will find no happy endings here.

One critique I’ve seen of this movie is that it feels like a pilot episode. Things definitely escalate in the final act of the movie, and it is left open to the imagination, but I wouldn’t go as far as to say it was like a pilot. The open ending seen in What We Become is pretty standard for zombie movies. There aren’t any loose ends that are left. It’s just a situation where you can guess what comes next.

I would recommend What We Become if you like zombie movies, and if you are in the mood for a foreign, slower paced look at the start of a zombie apocalypse. It’s nothing incredibly spectacular, but I enjoyed it for what it was. You may enjoy it too.


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