31 Days of Reviews: Hellevator (season 2)

The Soska Sisters return for the second season of the horror themed game show, with new contestants, new stories, and new challenges to face for money.

I discovered the first season of Hellevator on Netflix and fell in love with it instantly. I reviewed it a couple of weeks ago for 31 Days of Reviews this year, and I commented that it was like enjoying the thrills of a haunted house from the safety of your own couch. My opinion of that still stands.

With season two, the producers of Hellevator have really upped the ante. Rather than three contestants, there are now four. While the stories change in each episode, the main theme is the same. This second season tackles the seven deadly sins.


Another addition to this season is the increased visibility of the Soska twins. While contestants in the first season could hear their voices, jokes, and cackles, contestants on this season actually see them, both on screen and in the flesh. It provides a whole new dynamic to the show, and it really gives the sisters a chance to shine in their own twisted ways. They really do make the show.

With the addition of a fourth contestant, the format of the show has changed slightly, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. During the first season, it was pretty straight forward. You had three contestants, who all had to face a level of ever increasing difficulty, in order to reach the final level of the labyrinth. If you failed your challenge, you were out of the game. That was it.

In this new season, the fourth contestant (someone chosen randomly I presume) is immediately carted off to “the inferno” where they will need to be rescued as part of the final challenge. Instead of the labyrinth, the inferno contains a cell for lost contestants and 7 rooms, one for each deadly sin, containing a challenge. If a contestant loses their challenge throughout the show, they are sent to the cell in the inferno to await a potential rescue. During their stay, they get to enjoy excess heat and pleasant company like spiders, snakes, and cockroaches.

To win the game, contestants now have to accomplish challenges in the inferno, both in an attempt to win money and also to get the key that will free their teammates. If all of the contestants don’t make it back to the Hellevator, then they all lose.

It’s a little bit more difficult to explain in words, but the show remains just as entertaining to watch. Unfortunately, season two only received four episodes. It looks like this is a show that networks only see value in leading up to Halloween. Personally, I could see this being a popular late night game show, similar to how Scare Tactics and Fear Factor had their fun in the sun.

Hellevator is still an incredibly fun show to watch, both for the haunted house antics and also for the tricks that the Soska twins have up their sleeves. It’s just entertaining. Here’s to hoping that the show will return for a season three, and that it joins the other episodes on Netflix soon enough.


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