31 Days of Reviews: Monsters vs. Aliens (2009)

When an alien robot touches down, a secret team of monsters is tasked with destroying it. In doing so, the monsters uncover an alien plot to capture a rare element and occupy the Earth, killing or enslaving its inhabitants.

Through my 31 Days of Reviews, I haven’t really covered any Halloween type movies that are family friendly. Monsters vs. Aliens is an animated film from 2009, starring a broad range of big names. It has some moments of peril that can border on frightening, but it has a good amount of comedy throughout to make it a really fun ride.

The main character in Monsters vs. Aliens is Susan, played by Reese Witherspoon. On the day of her wedding, she finds her dreams literally crushed when an asteroid comes crashing down on her. This turns her world upside down, and she finds herself in the company of monsters within a hidden government facility. They are all imprisoned there with no contact with the outside world.


She soon becomes friends with her fellow prisoners, all of whom possess their own quirks and homages to classic monster films. You have Bob the Blob, played by Seth Rogan. Dr. Cockroach is played wonderfully by Hugh Laurie, and The Missing Link, known affectionately as Link, is played by Will Arnett. They are also joined by the large and lovable “Insectosaurus”

When the alien threat first touches down, the monsters are told to destroy it. If they succeed, they will be given the chance to go back to their previous lives. This catches Susan’s attention, since she is struggling to accept her new state of being.

As the movie progresses, it ends up being a nice coming of age story of sorts, where characters come to know who they really are, and they learn to accept themselves. This story comes together really well, surrounded by comedy, intense action sequences, and homages to many other films and events in pop culture.

The villain of the film is played by Rainn Wilson, and this was definitely an interesting role for him. There are times when he seems really menacing, and then there are times where he verges on the ridiculous, which fits along well with the overall tone of the film. There is also the role of the President of the United States, played by Stephen Colbert. This particular character may be more fun for the adults watching the movie. His role is one of the suppliers of the more adult comedy.

Whether you’re in the company of children or not, Monsters vs. Aliens is a treat to watch. It’s a product of Dreamworks Animation, so some of that studios past work should give you an idea of what to expect with this particular movie. I hear the movie only had moderate success in the box office overall, which is a bummer, but the ratings for it are pretty decent, and I would have to agree with those ratings.

It really is a star studded cast, and I was engaged from the very beginning. I’d heard many great things about this movie and had been wanting to watch it for many years. It was great to finally get the chance, and I would definitely recommend it. It’s a fun ride. It’s ridiculous and fun. I really enjoyed it.


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